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Mischa Barton Busted for DUI


West Hollywood cops spotted a car which was being driven erratically and when they pulled the car over they discovered Mischa Barton was the driver. The Sheriff’s Office said that she was stopped early in the morning and was found to be driving under the influence and operating a vehicle without a valid license.

Barton formerly starred in “O.C.” It is not known where she was drinking but there’s no doubt the cops caught her while driving drunk. She now faces the consequences and regrets her foolish behavior.

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Barton is still in custody, being held on $10,000 bail. The L.A. County Sheriffs’ Inmate Information website called her “Mischa Burton.” Sources tell us that Mischa has been “very cooperative” and “no trouble at all.” She’s a good bad girl!

Barton, who was rocking some “Splash”-inspired extensions, was popped last December on suspicion of DUI, possession of marijuana and a controlled substance — and for driving without a valid license. Taxi!

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