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Elisha Pinckney Retains Stephen Bilkis


An Arlington woman was arrested for beating her 7-year-old stepson with a broom for eating before dinner, authorities said yesterday. Elisha Pinckney, 20, repeatedly struck the boy in their apartment on Grandview Avenue near Brabant Street at about 5 p.m. Sunday, sources said.
The defendant, Ms. Pinckney has retained the services of Stephen Bilkis and Associates. She is now certain that her rights will be protected and that her side of the story comes to light. Having a Queens Criminal Defense Lawyer to defend you in a situation such as this is absolutely essential.
When the boy went to school the next day, officials noticed bruises on his arm. The boy told them what had happened, and they called police.

Pinckney was arrested that day and charged with assault, said a spokesman for the Staten Island DA’s Office.

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