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Immigration Attorney Could Spend Decades in Prison


A 40 year-old immigration attorney faces charges for 28 counts of fraud, conspiracy activity, and 42 counts of alien harboring with the intent of personal financial gain, so reports a New York Criminal Lawyer. The accused attorney held a great understanding of the US visa program, and used his inside knowledge to manipulate the system by intentionally overlooking his clients eligibility for three consecutive years.

The accused also charged his clients unreasonably high fees, claiming that he would help them obtain faulty ‘green-cards’. This kind of behavior would lead many to believe that they would be receiving resident alien status, something that would dramatically change their lives. Not only has this man taken advantage of many clients financially, but also emotionally, by holding out unrealistic promises—based on lies.

A Brooklyn Criminal Lawyer explains, that the charged, after being presented before the court was released on a $50,000 secure bond, under the pretenses that he would be forced to surrender US & UK passports. The future doesn’t looks so bright for the accused, as with each count he will have to deal with a quarter of a million dollars in fines. In addition, with each count, he will also face a decade in prison, with exception of the conspiracy charge, that stipulates a maximum of five years in prison. Whatever personal gain, this man thought he had coming, it will pale in comparison to the years he will spend in prison, and the lives he ruined along the way.

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