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Innocent Teenager Killed in Drive-By


An East Harlem teenager, well-loved by her community, was the innocent victim of a murderous drive-by shooting, early on October 3rd, 2010, sources tell New York Criminal Lawyers. She was simply sitting with friends in the courtyard of her mother’s apartment building.
The 17-year-old girl collapsed on the street, trailing blood from the playground where she was shot. The teenager, who was a student at the Urban Assembly School for Business for Young Women, was pronounced dead 25 minutes later at Harlem Hospital.
“She told the friend she was with, ‘I’m cold. I think I was shot,’”, a neighbor said to a New York Criminal Lawyer. These were her last words.
Sources told New York Criminal Lawyers that they believe a van drove by and a man inside opened fire on the yard where the victim and her friends were gathered. According to witnesses, several other men had just snuck into the area through a fence, not long before the shots were fired.
“It had something to do with [another girl and an] old boyfriend-new boyfriend,” a source told a NY Criminal Lawyer. “[The victim] had nothing to do with it.”
A 30-year-old man who had been in the courtyard was found on East 126th Street only minutes after the shooting, with a bullet in his thigh. He was taken to Bellevue Hospital and declared to be in stable condition. The girl was described as a both ambitious and popular. She wanted to become an accountant.
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