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Jaime Pressly Canceled Las VeJaigas Parties After DUI Pleas


Jaime Pressly decided to cancel some of her scheduled appearances at various Las Vegas clubs after she pled not-guilty to DUI charges last week. Jaime had been arrested for DUI in January when she was spotted swerving on the road while she drove. When she was pulled over and given a field sobriety test, her blood alcohol was over .20, says a New York Criminal Lawyer. Since she was over that set mark, she was required to go to a hospital after jail and had to pay a higher bail amount in order to get out.
Jaime is having a string of personal issues right now. Jaime is facing a divorce from her husband of less than two years. She is also potentially facing a custody battle with her three year old son’s father over her DUI arrest. Jaime is also faces charges that she owes a lot of money in taxes, according to reports.
Jaime is out on bail and awaiting her trial to face sentencing. She pled not guilty to the DUI charge, even though the court has her blood alcohol levels in their file. Whether her lawyer or Jaime herself made the decision, staying away from the clubs and promoting parties was probably a move to help both her custody case and that of what her sentence will be for the DUI. Her lawyer told a Criminal Lawyer in NYC that she hopes she can get probation or community service from her trial. Police in Staten Island and Suffolk County are on the lookout for drunk drivers since they are dangerous to all and cause so many accidents, some of which are fatal.

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