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After a 911 call was placed, a man was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. A trucker was the one who placed the call, reports a New York Criminal Lawyer. The trucker said that the SUV was driving erratically and the truck driver felt that the driver of the SUV was obviously under the influence.

The driver’s SUV was smoking as the driver sporadically changed lanes, directions and speeds. The trucker driver attempted to avoid a collision with the other vehicle. The driver of the SUV also crossed the center line and drove into oncoming traffic. At one point the trucker was forced to drive on the shoulder to avoid the SUV as the SUV attempted to pass the trucker. The trucker driver felt that the SUV was endangering the lives of the other drivers on the road.

Within a few minutes, police responded to the trucker’s call and attempted to arrest the driver of the SUV. At the time the police responded, the driver of the smoking SUV had pulled over to the side of the road of his own accord. According to the police, the driver initially resisted arrest. The police report also states that the driver had exhibited signs of a possible DWI at the time of arrest.

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Jaime Pressly decided to cancel some of her scheduled appearances at various Las Vegas clubs after she pled not-guilty to DUI charges last week. Jaime had been arrested for DUI in January when she was spotted swerving on the road while she drove. When she was pulled over and given a field sobriety test, her blood alcohol was over .20, says a New York Criminal Lawyer. Since she was over that set mark, she was required to go to a hospital after jail and had to pay a higher bail amount in order to get out.

Jaime is having a string of personal issues right now. Jaime is facing a divorce from her husband of less than two years. She is also potentially facing a custody battle with her three year old son’s father over her DUI arrest. Jaime is also faces charges that she owes a lot of money in taxes, according to reports.

Jaime is out on bail and awaiting her trial to face sentencing. She pled not guilty to the DUI charge, even though the court has her blood alcohol levels in their file. Whether her lawyer or Jaime herself made the decision, staying away from the clubs and promoting parties was probably a move to help both her custody case and that of what her sentence will be for the DUI. Her lawyer told a Criminal Lawyer in NYC that she hopes she can get probation or community service from her trial. Police in Staten Island and Suffolk County are on the lookout for drunk drivers since they are dangerous to all and cause so many accidents, some of which are fatal.

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A Longhorns basketball player was arrested by Austin police for driving while intoxicated. The Longhorns coach has suspended the player indefinitely until the matter is cleared. It is unknown how long it will take for the judicial system to pass its judgment and what the consequences will be for the basketball player, reports a Nassau County Criminal Lawyer.

The player was set to play in a game against Iowa State University, but was suspended and unable to play. A spokesperson for the Longhorn’s does not know when the suspension will end and does not know when the coach will address the issue. In the meantime, the Longhorns will continue to play their best in upcoming games.

Even though the player has been arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, a trial and evidence such as breathalyzer test or testimony from arresting officers are necessary to determine if the player broke any laws. The coach still saw fit to suspend the player however until a legal outcome is presented. The Longhorn’s coach is not commenting much on the events surrounding the player’s driving while intoxicated charge and is instead waiting until more information becomes available, says a NYC Criminal Lawyer. The player may be asked to return to the game after taking a few games off or the player may be suspended for the rest of the season.

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A mom was driving through the city of Pittsburgh while she was under the influence of cocaine and alcohol. Police say the woman crashed her car in to a concrete barrier along the side of the road. It was only when police arrived on the scene did she admit to using cocaine and being drunk. Police then filed criminal charges against her because she had her seven year old son and another child in the backseat of the car. Another woman was also a passenger in the vehicle but she was not identified, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer.

The children and the woman driver only had minor injuries. When police got to the scene, they discovered beer cans that were opened within the car. When questioned, she openly admitted to being drunk. The woman also questioned why she had to take a test if she admitted she was drunk. Police are considering more criminal charges against the woman in relation to endangering the children. The passenger’s state was not described and it wasn’t stated if criminal charges are being filed against her as well. This would also be the case in New York City and Staten Island.

The female driver admitted to using one line of cocaine before getting behind the wheel to drive the car. Taking drugs and being over the legal limit for alcohol can be considered a criminal offense in most states, says a New York Criminal Lawyer. Her charges were still pending and she did not have a court date set. Once she arrives in court her punishment – either fines, jail time or both – will be decided upon then.

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Former baseball player Jim Leyritz was taken into custody and charged with DWI after his car crashed into another killing the driver in the accident.

Leyritz who played for The NY Yankees is represented by an attorney who will have to defend him against these very serious charges. Leyritz who is 44 years of age is awaiting the results of the blood alcohol tests which are being run right now. He is out on bail of $11,000 according a detective in Broward County who was acting as a spokesperson for the police.

The advice and council of a Queens Criminal Lawyer is crucial if you or a member of your family has been detained by the authorities and faces prosecution. Lack of representation could cost you or a loved one dearly. Make sure you have someone on your side that knows your rights and will fight for them.