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Killing of College Football Star by Cops Angers Many


A Pace University football player was killed by the police outside a Westchester bar – and his friends claim he was only trying to move his illegally parked car, sources told a New York Criminal Lawyer.
The father of a passenger in the football star’s car says the slain student thought he was only being asked to move his car when an officer knocked in the windshield. He was parked in a fire lane.
As the football player began to drive away “an officer jumped out from between cars and started firing, and the next thing [the young men] knew, [one cop] was on the hood,” the passenger’s father told a Staten Island Criminal Lawyer. The student “Yelled several times as they were pulling him out of the vehicle, screaming ‘They shot me! They shot me! They shot me!’”, the passenger’s father continued.
According to police, the officers fired on the car because the driver sped off, hitting two cops, after one of the officers tapped on the window of the vehicle. A Pleasantville officer, formerly of the NYPD, was thrown onto the hood of the football star’s moving car, police say. The cop fired at the driver, who swerved into another officer, who also started shooting.
“I can’t describe or answer to you why the driver did what he did,” said the Mount Pleasant police chief. The young man’s father says “a lot of witnesses” disagree with the police account. He vowed to find out what really happened.
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