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Libya is Full of Prison Horror Stories


Countries with dictatorial regimes in control are often filled with a population that has been abused, horrified, and terrorized, to the point of submission. The Libyan regime is no different, and with the world’s focus now turned toward it, many stories that have been hidden for so long are now making their way into the international spotlight, a New York Criminal Lawyer reports.

While each story told comes from an individual, there is a very common theme to each of them…A government-administrated campaign against its own people. Regardless of whether either passive or active submission techniques are employed, every totalitarian, authoritarian, and dictatorial government or ruler throughout history has used many of the same population control methods as has Gaddafi since he assumed power in 1969 as part of a military coup.

Some of the more recent reports from Libya reflect stories of those who were kidnapped, tortured, stored away, or even never heard from again. While many of their stories may seem far-fetched to many in the world who hear them, the stories are real and unfortunately, they are true.

One such story that has recently come to light involves a businessman and his family, who for as of yet unknown reasons were targeted by the Libyan secret police. The man was supposed to go into the local police station for unknown questioning, but never made it for the secret police kidnapped him on his way to the station. He was not seen or heard from for more than seven years. A New York Criminal Lawyer also discovered that during the time he was imprisoned, his family was constantly harassed. His son expelled from the university, and all were forbidden to make a living.

Unfortunately, tales such as the businessman’s are not uncommon, for there are countless other men and women who were taken away by the secret police that were never heard from again. Their fate can only be speculated, but like most Libyans, the worst is always expected.

The people of Libya are in the process of taking their country back from the regime that had them imprisoned for many years, and are paying a price for it. Freedom, as we are aware, is never free for it must be earned by the blood and sweat of a nation’s peoples.

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