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Local “Street Czar” charged with sexual misconduct toward a minor


A city official referred to as the “Street Czar” and entrusted with serving the community of San Diego was recently charged with a serious sex crime: he allegedly subjected an underage female to molestation, as documented by a New York Criminal Lawyer.

According to court documents, the young woman, now 21, was younger than 14 at the time of the alleged sexual misconduct charges, which happened around seven years ago. The accused city official is relatively new to his line of work, being commonly referred to as the “Street Czar” for the city of San Diego. A Bronx Criminal Lawyer notes that on February 28, the 47-year-old man pleaded not guilty in court. The exact statement from the prosecutor in the case says that the defendant allegedly enticed the then-underage victim to touch his private area, a claim that is also said to be corroborated by an external evidence source.

Though the city-employed defendant will not have to undergo jail time during the time of subsequent hearings, a New York Criminal Lawyer stated that according to an official for the city of San Diego, the defendant had been placed on “administrative leave” that does not include compensation. Upon inquiry, the legal counsel of the defendant declined to comment; at the same time, the president of a local union admitted that the arrest was “surprising”, thought went on to affirm the truth that according to American courts, a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. The union president oversees the employment and economical interests of all but 2,000 city employees in San Diego.

For now, the judge presiding over the case has issued a protective order upon the defendant, forbidding him to associate with the alleged victim in any manner whatsoever. Disobedience toward this order would likely result in further consequences for the defendant. The charge pending against the defendant currently carries a felony status, with a matching maximum term of eight years in prison.

Being charged with a sex crime is serious, and can carry many serious penalties that can include prison time, monetary fines, community service and more. Whether or not you are found guilty of the charges against you, these type of charges can create problems with your personal relationships and employment. While these charges can be stressful and embarrassing, it is important to take prompt action and consult legal counsel. The earlier on in the process you do this, the better you chance you have for a positive outcome.

Sexual misconduct is one of many serious sex crimes that carry serious legal consequences, yet is not beyond the scope of legal proficiency for a skilled legal counsel. Serious repercussions accompany the accused in such cases, and it is wise to seek the representation and counsel of a qualified legal counsel. If you or another of relation are currently experiencing a situation similar to that described above, a Bronx Sex Crimes Lawyer has the resources you need to ensure a fair trial and receive comfort and encouragement.

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