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Long Island Police Hot on Killer’s Trail


Police may have discovered the identity of the Long Island Ripper.
They say they are “looking at somebody”, according to sources, which refused to give further details about the crime.
This new development comes even as police are looking at what might be a link between the Long Island killer who is suspected of dumping the bodies of eight victims on Suffolk beaches and four murders of prostitutes that happened in Atlantic City in 2006.
“Our homicide detectives are in touch with the [Atlantic City] police,” a Suffolk police spokesman informed New York Criminal Lawyers. One of the New Jersey victims was on Long Island five weeks before she disappeared on the way to Atlantic City.
This victim’s husband recounted to New York Criminal Lawyers that his wife, who was addicted to crack and a prostitute, moved from Florida to Long Island in September 2006, hoping to get work for a friend and to regain custody of their two children, who were in foster care in New Jersey.
According to the husband, his wife did not handle the loss of her children well, after they found they could not get their children back.
“That drove her nuts and she started doing crack again. We were fighting and she hopped on a bus to Atlantic City. I never saw her again,” he said.
The killer changed tactics while on Long Island. The four bodies found in December were wrapped in burlap, all of them later found to be hookers from Craigslist. The newest bodies found, four more of them, were placed there in a different manner, which police have not disclosed.
Police feel these latest discoveries may have been there longer.
“We don’t know their sex, we don’t know their age, we don’t know anything about them,” a Suffolk police commissioner released to New York Criminal Lawyers. Regardless, they are still searching.
“It’s possible we missed something,” the commissioner said.
“We should tell people they should be careful with any contact they make with strangers, especially women involved in the escort business,” the commissioner warned.
In the meantime, the police continue their search for more information that will lead to the identity of the Long Island Ripper.

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