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Criminal Reports from the NYC Area


N York Criminal Lawyers have learned of the manhunt for a thief who robbed a bank in Manhattan and attempted to rob two others.
The 51-year-old suspect made his first attempt at a Chase branch on Eighth Ave., police sources reported. Witnesses say he had a demand note, but was forced to flee without money.
He returned to the same branch on Saturday and allegedly passed a note, but then took it back and left once again without any money – only to go to another bank minutes later. This time, he passed a note and escaped with the money.
In the Bronx, a man accused of laundering money was caught in Bronxdale after a police stop caught him with $200,000 in the trunk of a livery cab.
The 33-year-old suspect was seen by cops allegedly putting a box full of cash into the trunk of the cab. They also discovered that the box smelled strongly of cocaine. The suspect told police he had been paid by an unidentified person to take the cash to Manhattan.
According to sources, the police had been watching the laundering suspect for quite a while, suspecting he had money gained from drug sales or actual narcotics himself.
The police charged him with money laundering.
In other news, a man was charged with attacking a man with a pipe in Graniteville.
The 36-year-old suspect allegedly hit his victim in the face with his fist, then grabbed a pipe and hit him in the face again. The police were called to arrest the suspect and they charged him with criminal possession of a weapon, assault, and menacing.
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