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Lower Alcohol Limit Causes Controversy


A police chief in Texas is taking a harder line on DWI, sources tell a New York Criminal Lawyer.
The police chief’s proposal would lower the blood alcohol limit from 0.08 to between 0.05 and 0.07, which means it would be a great deal easier to get arrested for DWI. The charge would not be as great, but bars, of course, still think it’s a fairly terrible idea.
“Pretty soon, you won’t be able to get wine in church,” a bartender told a New York Criminal Lawyer. “You won’t be able to have communion anymore. Even Jesus won’t be able to drink wine.”
“I’ll bet you anything that 75 percent of those congressmen driving down here couldn’t pass that law, so they won’t pass it,” a construction worker patronizing a Texas bar said to a New York Criminal Lawyer. “I used to work at a bar in West Texas. And every day, the DA would come in there and have four or five double scotch and waters and drive home.”
Even if the limit is lowered, there are still other places that have it worse. For instance, Switzerland has a DWI limit of 0.05. Norway has zero tolerance. “So everybody takes a cap,” a Swiss man told a Bronx Criminal Lawyer. “Actually, when my Norwegian friends come here, they don’t rent cars anymore. They do everything by cab.” The tram runs until 4 in the morning on weekends in Norway.
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