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Lynch Loses License for Hit-Run-Don’t Face Charges Without A Brooklyn Criminal Lawyer


Marshawn Lynch, a running back with the Buffalo Bills lost his driver’s license in traffic court after he claimed he didn’t know he hit someone while driving in the Western NY city of Buffalo last month.

Lynch was charged a small amount of money and admonished by Administrative Law Judge Thomas Gagola who said that the NFL player showed a lack of regard for life and property in the situation.

Lynch who played at California in college was driving his in the city’s bar district and that’s when the incident happened. Lynch said that he saw a woman dancing in the street but didn’t think he hit her as the rain poured down heavily. Apparently some other woman was the one who was hit.l

Lynch was in disbelief when police took his car. He had not idea that he hit anyone.

Lynch didn’t have his license very long. He just got it the day before the incident.

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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is aware of the case and is keeping an eye on the outcome. The NFL is waiting to see if any disciplinary action is appropriate.

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