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Main Clue in Hit and Run in Brooklyn is Blood Reports a Bronx Criminal Lawyer


Two women in Brooklyn were the suspects of a hit and run. And days after the car accident, the police were still looking for clues and had made no arrest. The detectives thought that the arrest was going to be quick until the suspect pointer a finger at her sister. In the Bronx you will need a Bronx Criminal Lawyer To handle this kind of case.

Basically one of the sisters had been running from the police for two days and then hired a lawyer and set up a meeting with detectives. In the Bronx she would need a Bronx Criminal Lawyer. The matter hasn’t been resolved though as the new suspect checked into a psychiatric center after the accident. The story seemed a bit extraordinary and the suspect was held briefly on an outstanding warrant for driving with a suspended drivers license.

Police believe that the driver of the vehicle may have been cut when the windshield on the driver’s side of the auto was pushed back from the impact. And, surveillance video at a taxi stand was clear enough to identify a woman who came into the taxi stand and said she had been in an accident. From the video, detectives say that she doesn’t appear to be injured though. The suspect stayed in her lawyer’s office most of the day and refused to comment when she did finally leave.

The victim is a coordinator at Mayor Bloomberg’s volunteer office and suffered head trauma and was in a coma. She also has a broken collarbone. Witnesses say that the victim pushed another woman out of the way and took the full impact. Why the sisters were reluctant to turn themselves in remains a mystery since witnesses also stated that the light was green and the two friend s were crossing against the light.

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