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Man Accused of DWI Says He Was Walking, Not Driving


A 33-year-old man fought with police about his arrest for driving under the influence at almost 3am March 18 near a busy intersection, revealed a New York Criminal Lawyer.

The man was pulled over after supposedly stopping his car inside the cross streets at a red light and weaving in and out of his lane.

He apparently reeked strongly of alcohol, had bloodshot and glassy eyes and at first told officers he had just a couple of drinks, but then said he had not been drinking and again later said he had a few drinks. He changed his story repeatedly, leading to doubts about his credibility in this case. That and the fact that he could not pass sobriety tests that were given to him over the course of the night.

He had problems keeping his balance while standing and was arrested after failing several field sobriety tests, according to Brooklyn Criminal Lawyer. On the way to the police station and while he was being tended to, the man allegedly asked police over and over again how they could arrest him for DWI because he said he was walking home from the bar. He refused to do a breath test, although he repeatedly insisted that he was in fact walking, not driving at all.

He will face charges of driving under the influence of alcohol and disobeying a traffic control device, unless it can be proven that he was in fact walking and not driving. At this time, it’s too soon to tell if that can happen since his car was found at the scene.

He was released on a $1,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court April 27. His car was removed from the scene and his wife came to the station to pick him up.

Whether you are found innocent or guilty of a DWI charge, it can create significant problems in your life. If you are charged with this offense, it is important to take prompt action to ensure that your rights are protected.

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