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Man Accused of Taking Advantage with Fake Consulting Firm and Needs a Long Island Criminal Lawyer

The general consensus is and always has been that a criminal act simply does not pay. And, regardless of one man’s public service for over thirty years, the injustice he is charged with is difficult to understand. His attorney asked the judge to offer leniency by taking into consideration the letters of over three hundred people who were in support of the assemblyman. The criminal act committed by the man is vague but apparently he had collected approximately one million dollars in consulting fees and in his own words, he had taken the money for “doing nothing”.

However, the judge stated that even after reading the letters, the man’s guilt was even more obvious. The judge said that the man was still refusing to admit the extent of his guilt. Moreover, 15,000 phone calls had been intercepted and these conversations alone were enough to show the bogus consulting firm that this man was operating. The crime resulted in what the man indicated was “nothing”, but in reality, his behavior had resulted in the shake down of a hospital, a college and a lobbying organization. Again, the wiretaps revealed the man admitting “we don’t have to do nothing”, however, he managed to take down organizations and profit a million dollars.

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