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Man Arrested in Child Abduction Case


A man who was wanted in connection for abducting his son was arrested in February by agents of the U.S. Marshalls Service, sources told a reporter. The man is waiting to stand trial on charges of interference with child custody and contempt of court. The contempt of court charge is reported to be a violation of probation that was part of a previous charge of domestic violence.

The incident began innocently enough in October 2010 when the 46-year old man picked up his son at his ex-wife’s residence. The former couple shared custody of their son, and this was a part of the scheduled weekend visitation that was included in their divorce settlement, sources informed a friend.

Based on the police reports, it appears that things went wrong just before the man was to return his son to his mother. He had just discovered that a civil warrant had been issued for his arrest for failing to follow the terms of the divorce. It is unknown at this moment what stipulations of the divorce that he violated. Sources further add that when he was en route to returning his son that he observed a deputy in the area near to her home. It is thought that he then panicked and fled with his son. Sources have been unable to confirm or refute whether the deputy was in the area looking for him, or if the deputy was simply on routine patrol.

Before the end of 2010, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children submitted a request to the U.S. Marshalls Service, and specifically the Florida Regional Task Force, for their assistance in locating the missing child. With the vast resources of the United States Government at their disposal, agents of the Marshalls Service conducted an extensive investigation and learned that the boy’s father had taken him throughout the United States in an attempt to elude law enforcement, and keep the child himself. The task force thwarted those efforts by locating him and the boy in Wolverine, Michigan. The boy was safe and unharmed. The same laws apply in New York City and Suffolk County.

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