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Jaime Pressly booked for DUI


Jaime Pressly was booked for a DUI offense after she was pulled over for a traffic violation. Pressly, the “My Name is Earl” star who plays Joy Turner, was given a breathalyzer test. She registered at .22 on the blood alcohol level test, a reporter was told.

The .22 blood alcohol level was almost three times the California’s legal alcohol limit, tells a policeman. California’s legal alcohol level is .08 for legal drinkers. It is against the law to drive under the influence no matter how much alcohol consumed. It is also against the law to drink if you are a minor.

She was not involved in a traffic accident. Drugs are not believed to have been found in her car. The police found no indication of any drugs in the blood test taken. No children were in the car when the cops pulled Pressly over for a traffic violation. It is unclear what the traffic violation was.

Pressly was driving around 11 p.m. in Santa Monica before officers stopped her, they told the newsman. Police in Manhattan and Suffolk are constantly on the lookout for drunk drivers.

She spent the night in Santa Monica Jail. She was released the next day on $15,000 bail. The normal amount of bail is $5,000. The amount of bail is usually raised if the individual is involved in an accident or if they have an alcohol blood level greater than .15. Pressly had an alcohol blood level greater than .15. It is unclear if this is her first offense.

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