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Man Charged in Maryland DUI Faces Deportation


Two men were arrested in Bishopville, MD, on Saturday, sources revealed. The police report indicates that neither the passenger nor the driver of the vehicle would give their names to the police after they stopped the vehicle. Maryland State Police troopers stopped the vehicle after it was allegedly observed at about 11:18 a.m. Saturday morning going 80 mph in a 55 zone.
As troopers began their investigation following the traffic stop, they soon discovered that the driver did not have a legal driving license and nether of the men had any form of identification on their person. Officers were also unable to discover any form of vehicle registration or proof of insurance.
Further exasperating the situation, both men gave troopers fake names, and the driver had actually provided troopers with a second fake name as well. A NY Criminal Lawyer was also made aware that the driver was arrested for DWI after he failed field sobriety tests. Troopers have probable cause to perform these tests due to the odor of an alcoholic beverage as the driver exhaled. The passenger had also thrown beer cans out of the window as officers approached. After a brief foot chase, the passenger was taken into custody.
Although, as sources informed a New York Criminal Attorney, the driver refused to provide authorities with his name, age, or origin, even after interpreters spoke with him, the other man reportedly gave his name and origin, and after consultation with federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, he has been detained for deportation hearings under a $3,000 bond.
Authorities continue to attempt to identify the driver of the vehicle who is being held on DWI charges at the moment. The possibility of additional charges may yet be pending. ICE agents have a number of tools available at their disposal in order to determine if someone is in the country illegally, are continuing in their efforts to identify him, and will render their decision as to his disposition at that time.
When contacted, an ICE spokesman simply stated that he did not have enough information about the arrest and detention of the two men to make any comments.

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