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Man Gets 20 Years in Jail for Killing Cop While Driving Drunk

Get behind the wheel, not think about what you’re doing, go to jail for twenty years – oh, and kill another human being. All because you decided to drink and drive. A sad tale, a repeated tale, a far too common story that will haunt a family forever. The driver was not just drunk, he was stupid drunk. He was the kind of drunk someone gets when they want to run away from pain. Three times the legal limit, that’s what the BAC was of the man who drove the car that killed an innocent man. Not just any innocent man, but an off duty police officer, said a New York Criminal Defense Lawyer. Today, that man has been sentenced to twenty years in prison.

He was driving out of control. He would later say he didn’t remember anything he did that night, and that the entire ordeal was like waking up from a nightmare. But the victim’s family will never forget and their nightmare will never end. He slammed his car into a vacationing family and in the wreckage lay the body of the man who died. A family man, a lifelong provider for everyone, a man who had just been admitted to a program to become a PhD, reports a New York Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Behind the car was another car, carrying the second half of the family. A large, loving family, so large it needed two cars. They saw the impact and immediately rushed to the seen. The man’s daughters waded through the horror before they came face to face with their dead father.

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