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Lee County has a parental kidnapping suspect


A woman has been on the run for two years in the Fort Myers area. She had disputed the custody of her child and ran away with her. Her little girl is only four years old and taking her daughter violated a court order.

The police have now caught her and she is in a Lee County jail. This 26 year old woman was arrested last October after being found in Colorado.

Ten months of tracking her was done by the U.S. Marshals Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force. The investigators concluded that one of the places she ran off to was Ohio. She quickly left that area to avoid court hearings there.

Finally this four year old little girl was given back to her father after being taken into protective custody. This took place at an apartment complex in Colorado Springs and that is also where the arrest took place, explained a New York Criminal Lawyer.

Interference with Custody and Removing a Minor Contrary to a Court Order, is the charges that are being held against this fleeing mother. These are very serious felony charges that can carry many years in a federal prison with them. She is being held in Lee County jail until this future trial can take place. According to officials, she will more than likely be held without being able to bail out, due to the fact that she has been running for so long. A future trial date has not been set yet.

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