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Man Kidnap and Held for Ransom


A middle-aged man was kidnapped for ransom earlier this week. The man was kidnapped and ransom was demanded after the man was taken. The man was taken from his own vehicle by several men.

The 58-year-old man was taken and held in the suspects’ vehicle. He was forced to call his brother and tell his brother to pay the five men ransom in order to secure his release. The man’s brother reported the call to the police who followed up on the report. The police responded by going to the location where the monetary exchange was scheduled to take place, a N York City Lawyer said. All five of the men who had kidnapped the victim were waiting at the location. In Long Island and Staten Island, these crimes are often considered to be domestic violence situations.

Three of the men were immediately arrested upon the police’s arrival. The other two men attempted to escape from police capture; the two men ran away as soon as the police arrived. A New York City Lawyer explains that running from the police does not help one’s case when the case is brought to court.

The police later received information informing them of the location of the two men. One of the fleeing men was caught and arrested along with the three who were already captured; the fifth man entered his vehicle, hit a police car and was shot and killed by the police at the scene.

The man who was kidnapped was found unharmed, although mentally shaken. He was being held in the vehicle used to hit the police car. At least one of the men had a previous criminal record. At this point it was unknown whether the men were going to be prosecuted individually or as a group.

The four surviving suspects are being charged with multiple crimes – including kidnapping, robbery and fleeing. The victim’s brother who reported the call to the police very likely saved the man’s life. It is unknown why this particular man was targeted or how the five men were able to get him from his car. A court date has not been set for this case.

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