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Man Murdered by Home Invaders


A man in Queens was stabbed to death when two armed men broke into his apartment and bound him and his mother, sources told New York Criminal Lawyers.
The 32-year-old victim died after being stabbed in the back several times. His mother told New York Criminal Lawyers he owed someone money, after the terrifying home invasion.
The victim’s mother, a gray-haired woman who needs a walker to get around, was not injured in the attack.
The intruders were wearing black when they came into the sixth-floor apartment on Ash Avenue in Flushing around 10 a.m., police informed New York Criminal Lawyers. One of them was wearing a mask and they were armed with knives and guns.
They tied the victim and his mother up with tape before murdering the man in cold blood, according to sources. The invaders then escaped, taking a black duffel back with them. As of yet, the authorities have yet to catch the killers.
The victim’s mother frantically called 911 at around 11:30 a.m. It was already too late by the time emergency responders were able to be on the scene – the victim of the stabbing had already died. Police still do not have a motive or description of the two murderers, or at least they have yet to reveal them. Gun Possession is another charge which can be brought when these acts happen in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.
No matter what the crime, every story has two sides, and even the most indefensible crime still requires defense under the law. N York Criminal Lawyers can defend their clients against any allegations, even those that seem impossible.
There are some cases where escaping without some sort of penalty is very unlikely, but it is impossible to know all the options without the best possible legal defense. Even if conviction is imminent, there are still ways to mitigate the punishment and make sure justice is upheld. A good attorney makes sure the defendant does not have to worry about unnecessarily punitive measures – everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Everyone also has the right to avoid cruel and usual punishment, including a punishment that far outweighs the crime.

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