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Manshot by gun wielding cops outside daycare near Washington, DC and dead at the scene


An axe-wielding man outside an in-home daycare was shot and killed by three police officers in Prince George’s County, near the District of Colombia, authorities reported.
The incident occurred before 3 p.m. a county police spokesman told a New York Gun Crime Law Firms. Officers were sent to the daycare to address reports of an armed man on the premises.
The man with the axe was involved in a child custody battle and wanted to take his children out of the daycare, the police spokesman explained. The daycare provider had called the mother of the children, he said, and she told the provider to keep the children and not give them to their father.
The provider then called the police said many sources.
When the police arrived, the man with the axe was already gone. He returned, however, and at least one officer was still on the scene.
The next events are still being investigated. According to the police spokesman, the man got out of his vehicle, axe in hand, and approached the three officers.
The police spokesman explained to , “The officers felt threatened and they discharged their firearms.” The man had no motive for robbery or any theft
According to the police spokesman, the man was struck killed by the gunfire and pronounced dead on the scene. No one else was hurt in the incident.
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