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Man receives five years of probation for driving drunk


A 70-year-old man who killed a 57-year-old woman will most likely not see jail time as long as he does not violate the five years of formal probation he was sentenced to, the judge in the case said.

The man did not even have a traffic ticket before the struck the women, who was a Walnut Creek attorney, a reporter was told.

The accident occurred on a summer night. That summer night the man had drinks with a friend at three restaurants before heading home. On the way there, around 6:30 p.m., he hit a median, blew a tire, and continued on his way. His car hit the curb three more times before the second tire blew. He then jumped the curb and ran over the victim, who was taking a walk through the neighborhood. The woman had tried to run to get out of the way of the car but was struck 14 feet from the curb, reported a source.

A witness to the accident took the keys from the ignition fearing he would flee the scene. The driver hit the victim, a fence, before coming to stop when he hit a tree. An hour after the incident, the man had a 0.15 blood alcohol level. That is nearly twice the legal limit. DWI was charged.

The man pled guilty without a negotiated plea deal before a judge. He was not only sentenced to five years of probation, but 200 hours of community service. If his probation is violated, he will spend six years behind bars, explains a policeman. The judge also sentenced him to one year in jail or under electronic home monitoring. The decision will be up to the Sheriff’s Office.

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