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Political Activist Charged With Threats,

Just hours after Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords was shot, a Massachusetts man made threatening emails to a Florida Representative. The man who made the threat says he is a political activist and was arrested for the threatening emails he had sent. The email contained a message to stop legislation that would crack down on illegal immigrants entering Florida’s work places, reported a newspaper. He was also suspected of stalking.

Besides threats, the email was riddled with spelling and grammar errors. The report says the man who made the threats used a public access computer within a coffee store. The coffee store was only a few blocks from the man’s house. Using tracking, police were able to trace the emails to the man and his house. Once police confronted the man, he admitted to sending the email to the Representative. He was upset over the legislation because it may affect some of his family members.

The Representative used to be a law enforcement agent before he became involved in politics, so he knew to report the threat right away. It was unclear to sources if the email was sent in correlation to the shooting in Arizona or if it happened to be a coincidence at the timing. The man who made the threats is still being held in jail on $450,000 bail. His charges include corruption by threat and threatening to do bodily harm. The charges are all felonies and could land him a lengthy jail sentence if convicted next month.

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