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Man Stabs Two with Dagger Before Being Shot by Cops


A man wielding a dagger was shot to death in Harlem by an NYPD cop, after stabbing two men — killing a neighbor who tried to help the first victim, police told a New York Criminal Lawyer. The 21-year-old knifeman stabbed his mother’s boyfriend and fatally stabbed a neighbor who tried to help before cops could arrive, police sources told a New York Criminal Lawyer.
Seven NYPD officers happened to be near enough to respond to the 911 call, as they returned from a community meeting and were met outside by the first victim, a 50-year-old man, who was bleeding from three stab wounds. One officer attended to the victim while the other officers, joined by two others went up the stairs to confront the knifeman. The man with the knife charged the police.
“He keeps coming. He is closing the distance between the lead officer and himself, coming at the officers with the dagger,” a deputy police commissioner said to a New York Criminal Lawyer. “The lead officer yells three times: ‘Drop the knife!’ He does not and continues to come… and the [lead] officer fires.”
The lead officer fired at least five shots and shot the knifeman three times in the torso and once in the left shoulder. Even then, the knifeman attempted to stab the cops from the floor. One of them had to kick the dagger out of his hand. He died at the scene.
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