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Man Still in Jail Over Fatal Car Crash


Charges were filed in the deadly crash that took the life of a middle-aged mother of nine from Pennsylvania. The two car crash that killed the young woman was operated by a Mississippi driver who fled the scene. Following arrest, authorities indicated to an NYC Criminal Lawyer, the man was being held without bail in a local county jail. The woman’s funeral was held while the Mississippi was awaiting trial.
The Mississippi driver is slated for a preliminary hearing in the next two weeks authorities explained to an NYC Criminal Lawyer. The driver is facing criminal charges to the tune of 18 counts. Some of those criminal charges include vehicular homicide and involuntary manslaughter. If this crime was committed in Nassau, Long Island, a local attorney would be on the case.
The Mississippi driver went afoul of the law when he sped away from a law enforcement official at a high speed, over 100 miles per hour. Authorities told an NY Criminal Lawyer that this was one of the charges against him. The chase came to an end when the Mississippi driver smashed into the Pennsylvania woman’s vehicle at an intersection. No details were available about the status of either vehicle following the accident. It was unclear whether the woman’s car was in motion or not at the time of impact. Authorities did not confirm the direction of the impact on the victim’s vehicle.
The victim was flown to a nearby hospital in York, Pennsylvania. It was two to three hours later, authorities said, that the woman was declared legally deceased. The cause of death was not revealed. There was not any information available concerning the exact cause of death. It was thought that the preliminary impact of the accident was severe enough for the victim to be airlifted to a medical facility.
The woman is survived by her nine children, none of whom could be reached for comment. There was no information regarding next of kin of legal adult age. Her husband was not available for comment.
The woman was a pillar of her Catholic Church community. She was a youth catechism instructor at her church. The victim had led their local youth group for a few years and provided pastoral counseling to married couples.

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