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Five Teen Girls Face Assault Charges


Five Brooklyn high school girls stand accused of assaulting a talented music student with a padlock in a sock, all to keep her out of a talent show, sources told New York Criminal Lawyers.
“Yo, b***h, I got a lock,” one of the suspects reportedly said before they began beating the young singer.
The girl with the lock, 16 years old, and four of her friends are accused of attacking a 17-year-old senior at Brooklyn Academy High School. The singer was outside the home of her voice coach when the attack occurred.
Afterward, the victim had to have six stitches near her left ear. She also had a deep gash on her face, and bruising on her jaw.
“I wasn’t able to open my jaw. I wasn’t able to talk. I wasn’t able to sing,” the girl explained to New York Criminal Lawyers.
According to her, it was all about jealousy and the talent show. She even received a Facebook message, threatening her, saying “they were going to get her and hurt her so she wouldn’t ever be able to sing again,” her mother said.
Because of the attack, the talent show was cancelled. Witnesses say the attack happened quickly. The girls surrounded their victim and the ringleader began to hit her with the lock. The others joined in after that.
“I could see them hitting her and hitting her and hitting her with something,” a 22-year-old neighbor said. She was watching the whole thing from her apartment window.
“She started out on the stoop and you could tell she didn’t want to fight, but she came down and they fought with everybody hyping it up. She was bleeding.” In Manhattan, this crime would be treated the same way.
The victim’s friend tried to help, but she was also beaten, authorities revealed to New York Criminal Lawyers. Four of the teenaged attackers were arrested on the scene, with the fifth, the one with the lock, being arrested three days later.
One of the accused girls later confessed to being involved. “I did fight that day, but nothing was planned.” She is a student at Bedford-Stuyvesant Preparatory School. “There was a padlock involved.”

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