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Man Who Carried Guns Near Mall Didn’t Break Law


In Orem, Utah police were called to the scene when a man carrying a pistol and a rifle near a mall was spotted. Coming only a week after the Tucson shootings, Police responded quickly to the several 911 calls they received. They found the man walking down the street in front of the mall at the intersection of University Parkway and State Street.

Officers stated that when they found the man, he wasn’t pointing the guns at anyone. The guns were unloaded, and since he was not threatening anyone, it was determined he was not breaking the law, says the New York Criminal Lawyer. Otherwise, he would have been arrested for Gun Possession. In Queens and Manhattan, he might have been arrested.

Mall management asked that the man be removed from the property, however, and the police complied. A gun rights advocate stated that the property owners have every right to ask someone to leave their property, especially when they are business owners.

The same gun rights advocate went on to state how just because you can carry a gun openly in Utah does not mean you should. He went on to say that in this era of terrorism and multiple-victim shoots people tend to look more closely at people who chose to wear their gun in plain sight.

The Orem police have turned the case over to the city prosecutors for a possible charge of disorderly conduct. Officers said that the man’s actions caused disturbance to many people, states a Nassau County Criminal Lawyer. Gun rights advocates stated that although he was working within the constraints of the law, this man should expect to be questioned when being so blatant, and it’s not unrealistic to face possible penalties. He also stated that gun ownership rights should still be respected.

Police said that the people responsible for calling 911 were doing the right thing. They continue to encourage people to call 911 if they see a similar situation.

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