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States Increasingly Want to Collect DNA on Arrest


There is personal, and then there is personal. One of the most personal things that we have is our DNA, reports NY City Criminal Lawyers. DNA defines what we look like, and in many ways, it defines who we are. State and Federal law enforcement agencies have long since taken the fingerprints and mug shots of anyone who has been arrested, but now many states also want to take your DNA sample as well. This is particularly pertinent when it comes to Sex Crimes and the investigation of such.
DNA samples have been an accepted practice in the United States for some time for those who have already been convicted of a crime. A Brooklyn Sex Crimes Lawyer has reported in the past of many instances of where DNA has either convicted or exonerated individuals of crimes.
The concept of taking a DNA sample of anyone who has been arrested for major crimes is nothing new, as there are at least 25 states that already have laws on their books to do just that. One of the more recent states to seek this action is Connecticut. Brooklyn and Manhattan have not joined the others.
Recently, a New Mexico woman travelled to Connecticut to lobby for DNA sampling of those who have been arrested, a New York Criminal Lawyer has learned. On the surface, one may inquire as to why a woman from New Mexico would be doing lobbying for a law that affects the State of Connecticut. The reason is very simple. This New Mexico woman’s daughter was brutally raped, beaten, strangled, and set on fire. The perpetrator of this heinous crime did not have his DNA collected until he had been convicted of an unrelated crime. He had, however, been arrested more than two-years before his conviction, which means the case of the New Mexico woman’s daughter would have been solved long before it was, and would have saved New Mexico authorities more than $200,000 in investigative costs alone.
Connecticut is but the latest in a string of states currently considering this measure, and civil libertarian groups have been arguing that the collection of DNA upon arrest but before a conviction violates a person’s right to privacy and to the presumption of innocence. Regardless of which side of the fence that one chooses to argue, DNA sampling is a viable tool, and will be used for many years to come.

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