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Man with stupidity defense faces jury

A man accused of stealing a high dollar purse tells a Manhattan jury that he is too stupid to be a burglar, especially since he was not even aware that he was in a hotel where the crime occurred, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer. The Defendant is a convicted gun carrying car thief and shoplifter but claims to not have the intelligence to also be a burglar.

He was accused of sneaking into the Soho Grand Hotel in 2007 during a movie shoot and stealing a Balenciaga purse worth $2000. The purse belonged to Kirsten Dunst. He was arrested and went to trial on the burglary charge. His defense at the trial was that he was a drunk and was not even aware that he was in a hotel. He also used the defense that he is a myopic mongoloid who was incapable of the theft.

The Defendant then claimed to have been invited into the hotel by a friend who was involved in a drug deal at the time. His friend was allegedly going to the hotel to deliver drugs to an actor on the set and the delivery spot was the penthouse green room. The penthouse green room was being used by the British actor Simon Pegg and by the purse owner Dunst at the time.

The jury heard the details and spent a day deliberating the charges on the man but did not produce a verdict. The too stupid defense may have been effective. They will start their second day of deliberation to try and reach a verdict on whether or not the thief is smart enough to be a burglar.

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