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Many Crimes Investigated by Authorities in New York and New jersey


NY City Criminal Lawyers can help with a great many charges, from the major to the minor, making sure all sides get a fair hearing.
In one unusual case, a female transit officer was accused of beating a foul-mouthed motorist who fought with her and ripped all the clothing from her upper half, leaving her topless.
The officer testified she acted in self-defense at her felony assault trial. She is charged with attacking a 37-year-old aspiring poet in August 16, 2008, over an argument about an open car door.
“I was standing there topless. My shirt was totally ripped off and my bra was ripped off,” the 40-year-old officer testified in tears in Bronx Criminal Court.
She was off-duty at the time of the incident, driving with another off-duty transit cop, when they found themselves blocked by the aspiring poet’s car door.
The officers attacked the poet with pepper spray, fists, batons, and even a handgun, before fleeing the scene. The officer on trial was even knocked to the ground at one point, she testified.
In another story, a New Jersey man received a five-year sentence for collecting tax refunds from falsified tax returns – he was using the data of both adult and pediatric cancer patients to scam the government.
The 29-year-old mean pleaded guilty to conspiracy to file false claims and commit credit card fraud. In addition to his prison time, he was also ordered to pay almost $300,000 by way or restitution.
A more tragic story happened more than an ocean away in Minsk, Belarus, where an explosion killed 11 people during the evening rush hour. The president of Belarus believes it was an attempt to destabilize the country.
The blast occurred on one of the busiest underground rail junctions in the city, only about 100 yards from the headquarters of the president himself.
“There was blood everywhere, in splashes and in pools. I saw pieces of flesh. It was terrible,” a 47-year-old man said.
“Prosecutors qualify this as a terrorist act,” a source in the president’s administration explained NY City Criminal Lawyers.

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