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Chief Deputy District Attorney Arrested on Drug Charges


According to a New York Criminal Lawyer, a Chief Deputy District Attorney was arrested and accused of possession of rock cocaine in Las Vegas. Drug Possession in New York City or Long Island are serious crimes with huge penalties for the offender.

The 10-year veteran was working on a task force and handled celebrity drug scandals including busts of Paris Hilton and Bruno Mars. He could not be reached for comment regarding this matter. This would also be a very serious matter in Brooklyn, NY.

A District Attorney in the area revealed that in going over the defendant’s cases, he was relieved that there had been no wrongful prosecutions, explaining that everything checked out in the system and there should be no concern that the Deputy Chief had access to the drugs that were supposed to be evidence.
A Las Vegas Officer stopped the District Attorney’s white BMW a little before 5pm on Saturday near Desert Inn Road, an area where drugs are rampant. As officers got near the car, a passenger, 43, jumped out of the passenger side and ran. He later told officers that he knew the defendant only as “Joe,” a regular customer who would call his cell phone to set up small drug buys. The passenger has had trouble with the law in the past, but there is no indication he was in a case involved with the defendant.

The Chief Deputy was supposedly a regular customer buying the drugs two to three times a week for at least the past six months. It is unclear at this time whether his actions hindered any investigations. Although his 10-year marriage ended in divorce in 2005, the defendant has had no trouble with the law other than this recent arrest. As a prosecutor, handled several high profile cases; in addition to the Paris Hilton and Bruno Mars cases, he also handled the case of Steven Zegrean, a casino shooter that was convicted in 2009 for an attack two years earlier that left four people wounded.

No statement was made from the defendant and he is scheduled to appear in Las Vegas Justice Court in May.

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