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Marion Jones Needs A NY Criminal Attorney to Get Pardoned By Mr. President


After her rejection by a judge in her attempt for leniency, Marion Jones who is facing imprisonment for involvement in steroids and other related charges is trying to get President Bush to issue her a pardon as he prepares to leave office. This is common practice for a President who is in his final days.

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Jones has already served most of her six month sentence and is probably petitioning the President to have her record cleared. She is serving time in Texas.
Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens are involved in steroid related cases also.

A lawyer who represents the man accusing Clemens fears that Clemens will be pardoned because of his “unholy” relationship with the Bush Clan in Houston. This would be a pardon before the fact since Clemens has not been convicted yet. Emery, the lawyer, says that this kind of pardon would amount to an admission of guilt.

Bonds is scheduled for trial in the future but, unlike Clemens, he has been indicted for perjury and obstruction of justice.

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