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Marshals Arrest Murder Suspect


Federal authorities have arrested the suspect who allegedly killed the daughter of a Concord police chief, according to New York Criminal Lawyers.
The 34-year-old suspect was in Niagara Falls when the U.S. Marshals caught him and brought him in. The arrest was without incident, the police chief of Charlotte-Mecklinburg told a New York Criminal Lawyer. He was driving a stolen Chevrolet Blazer, which was also recovered.
The suspect was found in a house where he used to live, asleep on the couch of a male friend. Eighteen officers came to arrest him, a U.S. Marshal told a New York Criminal Lawyer. State, local, and federal officers were all involved in the suspect’s capture. It is believed he had been in the friend’s house since noon the previous day.
The victim, the 23-year-old daughter of a Concord police chief, was found dead in a storage building in Charlotte early one Sunday morning. She had recently done missing from a local tavern. A police source told a New York Criminal Lawyer that the victim’s body was wrapped up in such a way that it would not be disturbed. Witnesses led investigators to find the storage building where the body was found.
A Charlotte medical examiner is currently performing an autopsy, which will determine if there will be any further charges pressed the subject. Investigators have yet to determine the relationship between victim and subject, but it is believed that the time between the point where she left the bar and the time of her murder was short.
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