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Maryland Man Sent to Prison for DUI and Car Chase


An Upper Marlboro, Maryland, man will spend the next three and one half years in prison after pleading guilty this past January to misdemeanor DUI, and two felony charges of attempting to injure a police officer and eluding unlawfully, a New York Criminal Lawyer explained.
The incident occurred August 7, 2010, when a Culpeper County Sheriff’s Deputy pulled the 35-year old man over on Route 3 near Mount Pony for going 74 in a 55-mph zone. Sources further told a NY Criminal Attorney that as the deputy approached the vehicle, the driver nearly struck the deputy after throwing his vehicle into reverse. With deputies in pursuit at more than 100-miles per hour, the driver stuck another vehicle that was driven by a 22-year old mother who also had her 1-year old son in the vehicle. Following a brief struggle, deputies took the man into custody, and during their investigation deputies learned, the man’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was 0.18, which is more than twice the legal BAC limit in Maryland of 0.08. He was charged with DWI.
Although three other charges against the man were later indefinitely suspended, prosecutors in this case said that the sentence the court imposed sent a clear message to anyone who chooses to take their vehicle and use it as a weapon in an attempt to elude law enforcement officers. He went on to add, “Innocent users of the highway deserve to be protected from this type of conduct.”
Other sources have indicated that as bad as this incident was that it could have been much worse. Anytime that someone takes a 2,000-pound vehicle and directs it at another individual there is not much that the people can do to defend themselves. The direct attack in this case on a police officer, and the resulting crash into another vehicle that contained a woman and her small child represents a total disregard by this individual for anyone other than himself. Although the convicted man has been ordered to pay restitution to the woman for the damages that he caused, it is unlikely that she will forget the incident anytime soon.

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