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Men suspected of paralyzing officer to stand trial


The preliminary hearing wrapped up earlier this month for the three men accused of beating and paralyzing an Oklahoma City Police Officer. The three men will stand trial, according to the presiding Oklahoma County Special Judge ruling.
When the officer responded to a northwest Oklahoma City bar last February, he was asked to escorting the defendants out because they were allegedly trying to start fights with customers. While doing so, he was attacked.
According to witness testimony, one of the men held the officer in a headlock and lifted his body while another three repeated haymaker punches into the officer’s head. The third man is accused of holding back any possible rescuers. Police in Nassau County and Manhattan alike go all out to find these kinds of criminals and bring them to justice.
During the attack, the officer’s neck was broken. The operating surgeon said the extent of the spinal cord injury was extensive and complete. According to a New York Criminal Lawyer, indicated that the injury likely shortened his life by 10 to 15 years.

All three men are facing charges of maiming or assault and battery by means of force that is likely to cause death. A New York Criminal Attorney reports that if convicted, each defendant will face the possibility of life sentences.

The second charge, of conspiracy to assault a police officer, was dismissed by the Oklahoma County Special Judge who agreed with the defense attorneys’ argument that the three men did not plan the attack.

The District Attorney assigned to the case reported that the man’s family has remained strong throughout the testimony, but that they were disappointed with the conspiracy charge being dismissed. He is expecting to appeal the conspiracy charge’s dismissal.
Members of the family point out that the possibility of life imprisonment may be “just” enough at this point.
The three men’s arraignment is to be June 10; a pre-trial date will be set then.
Oklahoma City Police Officers have set up a bowling and auction event for June 11. Proceeds will go to the injured officer and his family.
Spinal injuries can be devastating, completely changing the victim’s way of life forever. When injured by another’s willful actions, it can seem even more brutal. “I can’t imagine having a child in the position that Chad is in right now. Being a parent myself, I don’t know how you’d wake up every day and put your foot on the floor and get out of bed,” the District Attorney said.

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