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Miley Cyrus’ stalker arrested, but then released Reports a New York Criminal Lawyer

A Georgia resident was arrested in Tybee Island, GA; which is close to the area Miley Cyrus is doing a film. While McLeod was being carted off by authorities, he cursed at police and tried to attack one of the cops trying to subdue him. He later stated to police that he was friends with Miley Cyrus, and she asked him to meet her. He claims to have thousands of pictures of her. He even has said that he is secret contact with the actress through her show, Hannah Montana. He came to her book signing in NY and was caught by cameras at the event. He claims to be her biggest fan and says that one day they’ll wind up husband and wife. McLeod was charged and later released because of jail overcrowding. The Police didn’t know that he been issued a court order barring him from being around Miley.
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