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Missing 10-year olds body found


This was a really rough case for the local community and for all those involved in the search for a missing girl. The ten-year-old had lost her hearing and one leg as she fought bone cancer, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. Unfortunately, the girl was reported missing in October. It wasn’t until November that her body parts were found. Additionally, the police felt that the girl had been missing even before she was officially called in as a missing person.

The child’s stepmother was charged with murdering, abusing and desecrating her body. The police were unable to find the girl’s head despite a massive search over two different locations. There were indications of tool marks on the bones that were found, a fact that indicates the girl was dismembered after she was dead.

Based on evidence collected over the course of the investigation, the police were able to determine that the stepmother had consistently relied on verbal, physical and psychological abuse when interacting with her step-daughter, reported the New York Criminal Lawyer. Because the woman was in a position of trust, she was able to take advantage of that to kill the girl and then hide her body to delay detection and prosecution.

There were no reasons given why the stepmother chose to kill her stepdaughter. However, there were further allegations that the stepmom wrote a fake ransom note for one million dollars and that she wrote a letter while in jail, admitting the girl was dead and she felt sorry that she was caught. She tried to diffuse public reaction to her alleged crime by pointing a finger at the husband.

Even though this case does not look hopeful on the surface, it may not be what it looks like. This is the main reason to not assume that the woman is guilty of anything, until a case is actually made and she is proven to indeed be guilty. There are many criminal defenses that may be used to protect the stepmother’s rights and to make sure she is well represented, she would be best advised to speak to skilled legal counsel right away.

Everyone one, whether they are charged with a crime or suspected of a crime, including sex crimes, weapons charges or drug offenses , is entitled to a defense. That is why the whole foundation of the criminal justice system is innocent until proven guilty. To find out what your legal rights would be in a case like this.

If or a loved one has been charged with a criminal offense, it is important to speak to qualified legal counsel right away to ensure that your rights are protected throughout your legal proceedings.

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