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Model Police Detective Lets Down His Community and His Department with DWI Arrest


A report commented on how a model police detective, a professional with a sterling arrest record and meritorious conduct record, disappointed his community and his co-workers when he was arrested for DWI last week. The detective was arrested after officers noticed his erratic driving while operating an unmarked police vehicle. Charged with drunk driving on Friday night and arrested, the detective was arraigned in Albany court on Monday, but would not comment on his case. The detective is the spokesperson for the local police department and reporters are accustomed to his detailed reports on crimes for which arrests have been made or verdicts been given by the local court.

Residents were not pleased with the conduct of one of their local heroes. Most of their responses had to do with disappointment over the hypocrisy involved in the detective’s behavior. One woman said she was disappointed that the detective had been enforcing laws he couldn’t uphold himself. Another resident commented on how telling it was that the detective refused a breathalyzer test at the time he was stopped. “That says a lot,” was all that one resident had to say about it.

The head of a local action group against drunk driving found a silver lining in the disappointing arrest made Friday night. The activist said that it was encouraging that local law enforcement was willing to arrest “one of their own” because in other counties it is not the case. She went on to say that she hoped the detective had learned his lesson in all of this, and that “He’s lucky he didn’t hit anybody.”

The detective issued a statement to the press in which he expressed regret for the “negative publicity” the incident had spurred, and how it has impacted his family and his employer, sources close to the incident reported to a newsman. The detective was suspended without pay. His next court appearance is scheduled for May 2011. This would be the procedure in Brooklyn and The Bronx also.

The local department’s removal of Detective Miller required the appointment of a replacement for media relations, authorities relayed to a TV station. Deputy Chief Stephen Reilly was given the appointment.

The detective has been serving the local police department for 19 years.

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