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More Crimes from the Blotter


A pair of Brooklyn bandits held up a pizzeria in Williamsburg.
The perpetrators, wearing masks and armed with guns, entered a Papa John’s on Grand Street near Leonard Street at 10 p.m. One of the robbers drew a silver pistol and forced the 18-year-old working the counter to open the register, cops told New York Criminal Lawyers.
The thieves took an undisclosed amount of cash, then ordered the worker to give them what he had, taking his cash and his iPhone, police added.
There are several stories out of Staten Island New York Criminal Lawyers are currently investigating.
The first is of a suspected drug dealer murdered in his car as he drove through Port Richmond. The 26-year-old victim was driving a 2003 Infiniti coup when he was shot through the open window of his car below the left eye at 2:39 a.m. on Harrison Avenue near Castleton Avenue.
The victim had been in trouble with the law before for drug-related issues and was caught in a 2008 prosecution sting. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Drug Possession in Brooklyn and Queens is treated very seriously by law enforcement.
In West Brighton, an ex-con shot up a rival’s car in a drive-by.
The 20-year-old ex-con shot at his enemy’s PT Cruiser as it was parked on Delafield Avenue near Broadway at 8:15 in the evening. The flurry of bullets broke four windows and put a hole in the body of the car.
The shooter was found in his home two hours later, armed with a semi-automatic weapon and listening to an NYPD radio that had been previously reported stolen. He was already on parole after a year in prison for shooting a man in the leg in 2008 at a movie theater.
Finally, a man in Midland Beach was arrested, thanks to a weapon found in his car.
Officers pulled the 36-year-old man for his illegally-tinted windows, when they found the Glock with 34 ammo cartridges in the car. He told the police he was going fishing, but he may actually end up in jail instead, police told New York Criminal Lawyers.

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