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A Police Officer told a New York Criminal Lawyer about the DUI incident with celebrity and former teen star, David Cassidy, who was a singer and actor during the 1970s. The Police Officer indicated that the star is assumed to be ready to enter a please of guilty. He also have the option of entering a please of no contest. The sentencing hearing took place a few months after the incident and David Cassidy was charged with a DUI not drug possession.

The Police Officer indicated that on the day of the sentencing, the Judge declared a postponement of the sentencing. However, his lawyer opted to have him enter a plea in written format for the DUI charges against him. The police report indicated that Mr. Cassidy could not stay in his lane and when stopped, the police found open alcohol containers in his vehicle, which was in violation of the law.

The Police Officer explained to the NY Criminal Lawyer, “David Cassidy was allowed to not appear at the hearing because it was a misdemeanor charge and his lawyer would stand on his behalf and enter the plea for him. “

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There has been one more arrest in the case of an attempted home invasion that ended with the death of one would-be burglar and the wounding of another, police sources told NY Criminal Lawyers.

Suffolk police investigators found a fourth man involved in the attempted home invasion – a 25-year-old man from Mattituck, who was subsequently arrested. He was charged with first-degree burglary.

NY Criminal Lawyers do not yet know how the police found the latest suspect or how he specifically participated in the attempted burglary. According to police sources, they believed only three men to have been involved in the April 13 incident.

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A pair of Brooklyn bandits held up a pizzeria in Williamsburg.

The perpetrators, wearing masks and armed with guns, entered a Papa John’s on Grand Street near Leonard Street at 10 p.m. One of the robbers drew a silver pistol and forced the 18-year-old working the counter to open the register, cops told New York Criminal Lawyers.

The thieves took an undisclosed amount of cash, then ordered the worker to give them what he had, taking his cash and his iPhone, police added.