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More D.C. Officers Snared in Sting


A New York Criminal Lawyer has learned that three additional District of Columbia police officers have been arrested as part of an Internal Affairs corruption probe. These arrests happened just one day after another D.C. police officer was arrested as part of an unrelated investigation.

The three officers were arrested at the 4th District station following their purchase of electronic equipment that is believed to be worth several hundreds of thousands of dollars. The officers believed the equipment was stolen. Although the investigation is continuing, it does not appear that the officers were working together as part of a larger conspiracy.

D.C. officials report that the arrests are part of a two-month investigation that is part of an overall 18-month initiative, which has sought to rid the police department of any officers that are either corrupt or dishonest. The officials went on to say that, many of the hardworking men and women of the D.C. Police Dept. are devastated that there were those within their ranks that brought reproach to their department.

The internal investigation was prompted, in large part, by certain factors that were detected as a result of internal departmental checks and audits, supervisor reviews, internal and external tips, or as a result of other ongoing investigations, a New York Criminal Lawyer was told. The D.C. Police Dept has an ongoing policy of rooting out dishonesty and corruption within its ranks, and is willing to go to great lengths to maintain the integrity of its workforce. This ensures that any bad apple will be quickly taken out of the department before any bad seeds of corruption are sown and allowed to spread.

The three arrested officers have been charged with the attempted receipt of stolen property. While it is not clear exactly when the officers were suspended, all three officers were suspended from the department and are awaiting arraignment in D.C. court on Wednesday. It is also unclear as to whether any of the men have retained the services of an attorney.

The previous arrest, also involved an officer in the 4th District who was an active participant in a burglary. That arrest took place on Saturday.

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