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Mother’s Day Shooting Kills Two Bronx Teens Reports a Bronx Criminal Lawyer

A Mother’s Day party in the Bronx turned violent and two youngsters lost their lives. A fifteen-year-old and a sixteen-year-old were shot early Sunday after a party. Apparently the teens involved had been with the suspect earlier in the night. A Bronx Criminal Lawyer states that one person returned to the scene with a gun to settle the argument.

The shooter, a twenty-four-year old and a friend, 20, both of the Bronx were charged with murder after the shooting spree. The great grandmother of the boys who died in the shooting spree was glad to see someone was being charged with the murder but explained that it wasn’t enough and never would be. Bronx Criminal Lawyers can be of great help in dealing with the authorities and getting justice for their clients.

Police found a handgun in an alley and believe that this was the weapon used in the murder of the two teens. One of the teens had been celebrating her birthday with a sleepover. At sweet 16, she had a lifetime of laughter ahead of her. Her life, along with that of another teen was taken in the lobby of the apartment building at approximately 2 AM Sunday morning. New York Criminal Lawyers state that a third victim was shot in the arm as well. Witnesses at the sleepover party indicated that one of the shooters ha been beaten up earlier in the evening after he was caught improperly touching a young girl.

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