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Murder Victim’s voice heard in court


During a recent trial for the murder of a young single mother, the woman’s taped phone calls were played as evidence to convict her ex-boyfriend, reports a New York Criminal Lawyer.

The woman was in a rocky relationship with the defendant, who is accused of having torture the woman to death. The phone calls ranged from playful and perhaps even at times loving, to harsh and angry. Some of the calls verged on violent. According to a New York Criminal Lawyer, the defendant’s lawyer said that evidence of a difficult relationship is not evidence of murder.

Unfortunately for the defendant, the tapes do have various threats on them, and while some do not have outright threats from the defendant, they do show that the victim feared for her life and was unsure of what he ex was going to do. One tape even has her saying that their relationship may be the end of her.

A New York Criminal Lawyer says that the defendant buried his face in his hands as the tape was played at his trial. It is not known as of yet whether the jury will believe the tapes are enough evidence that the defendant committed the murder.

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