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Music Teacher in Addison County Arrested on Child Pornography Charges


An Addison County music teacher was arrested on federal child-pornography charges. The teacher told officials about the case to warn them in an effort to calm fears about the seriousness of the claims.
A Manhattan Criminal Lawyer revealed that there was no evidence that linked the teacher’s crimes to any of the local school children.
Classes at Bristol Elementary School and Robinson Elementary School in Starksboro, where the defendant divides his full-time job, were cancelled for the day, said a Manhattan Criminal Lawyer, but those in charge began to worry about how to tell the community of the issue and were extremely concerned what local parents and even children would have.
There was a letter meant to be sent home parents. “At this point in the investigation there is no evidence that supports that any of the children in our community were involved in any way,” were the words used in the letter, signed by both the school principals. “You are your child’s best mentor and guide through this difficult time. You must be the one to decide, if, how and when to discuss this with your child.”
The school officials made a promise to parents and those in the community that they would keep everyone up to date on any additional information that arise involving the investigation.
The Superintendent was unsure how people would adjust to the news and didn’t know off hand if there would be a special school board meeting in either district; there is not one scheduled until April at the earliest.
The defendant turned himself in Thursday morning to the FBI, according to reports on Monday. The prosecutor in charge of the criminal case called on Wednesday and said his client either could be apprehended that night, or he could turn himself in at 9 a.m. Thursday.
Prosecutors sought to have the accused teacher jailed as a danger to the community and as a risk to leave town. He has restrictions placed on his computer use until his trial for various sex crimes.

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