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Children of violent custody battles in Colorado suffer long term emotional damage

Though divorce is more commonplace now than it ever has been, experts agree that it is still not a healthy example to set for a child. However, while most children come out the other side of divorce relatively unscathed, children of violent and particularly hostile custody battles suffer long term emotional effects, expressed a New York Criminal Lawyer. Children take their cues from the adults in their lives, and violence and hostility between the parents often becomes a pattern that is repeated throughout the adult life of the child.

A Colorado man was arrested last month after he stabbed another man in front of his ex-wife and child in a custody dispute. Police reports say the man accused of the stabbing was seen arguing with his ex-wife in front of their child and the woman’s friend. The fight escalated and when the woman’s friend tried to intervene, the irate ex-husband stabbed him and then proceeded to grab the young child and drive off with him.

The child was returned unharmed several hours later, but not before a 4 hour manhunt ensued, related the N York Criminal Lawyer. It is easy to understand how the effects of witnessing something so devastating as one’s father stabbing another man could be harmful, even detrimental to that child’s psyche and sense of right and wrong. As parents, it is our responsibility to mirror to our children the behaviors that we would like for them to exhibit when they are an adult. In this case, that child’s father has a lot of making up to do.

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