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New Illegal Immigrant Policy at the US-Mexico Border


In Arizona, the controversy continues surrounding the status of illegal immigrants. Despite recent legislative changes in the treatment of illegal immigrants, little has been solved regarding the treatment of these people who are living in the United States illegally. The United States Border Patrol has enacted new policy which includes sending illegal immigrants back across the border.

The new unofficial policy is to send anyone illegally crossing the United States-Mexico border to be sent back to Mexico instead of being arrested. Local law official say that sending people back to Mexico does little to solve the problem; they report that people tend to make multiple attempts to cross the border if the first attempt is unsuccessful.

There are some accusations that the new policy is politically motivated. The theory is that the change in policy is attempting to keep the number of border arrests down to improve the security statistics. By sending the border crossers back to Mexico, the number of arrests along the border has decreased and politicians are using this statistic to suggest that the US-Mexico border has become more secure.

Local law enforcement does not appreciate the new policy as the lower number of people being arrested may cause an increase in the number of people attempting to cross the border. They suggest that this increase in attempts actual decreases the security of the communities near the border. The lack of consequence for illegal entering the country may promote the idea that there is little or no consequence for breaking federal laws.

While immigration has always been a particularly complex issue in the United States, the new policy further complicates the legal process. The selective arresting of some border crossers while others are simply turned back calls into question the fairness of the process.Many supporters of the bill believe that the undocumented people are involved with the smuugling of a variety of drugs ranging from marijuana to heroin as well as a illegal guns.

Federal officials have officially denied that this is a new official policy; however, many people in the organization have said that they were given these orders. A NY City Criminal Lawyer explains that local law enforcement officials continue to argue against this new policy, whether official or not.

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