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Pot Smoking Toddler’s parents arrested


A group of citizens told a New York Criminal Lawyer that a couple was blamed for having videotaped their toddler who is 23 months old and was allegedly smoking pot. The couple was arraigned in court for charges of negligence.
The police told reporters that they got a tip about the incident from an anonymous person. The Sheriff of the country went to the accused couple’s home and found the twenty year old mother and 24 year old father of the child. The police said that the video did, in fact, show that the toddler was smoking pot from a pipe. This incident occurred about three times. The pipe had residue of marijuana in it as seen on the video. The video has become the main evidence in the case and will be kept into evidence and not released.
The parents were charged for child cruelty and neglect. An investigation into the case was done and that was when the couple was officially charged. Both parents were not booked at the same time. The mother was brought into custody first and then the father surrendered the next day.
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Both parents were held in jail on a bail of $100,000. According to law enforcement, the parents seem to be remorseful for their behavior and have since understood that they did not make a good decision in this case. According to law enforcement investigators, both parents owned medical marijuana cards. The toddler was taken away from the parents and put in custody. In the Bronx and New York this behavior is not condoned by the courts.

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